Del Sol Color Change: Must-Have Valentine’s Gifts

CBS Los Angeles included Del Sol color-changing shirts, sunglasses and nail polish in their recent Must-Have Gifts for Valentine’s Day.

Expert lifestyle host, Paul Zahn, talked about Del Sol being the perfect gifts for the fashionista mother and daughter who love interactive fashion. This CBS outlet has an audience of 74,680 households.

The segment included Del Sol sister brand, Cariloha, as an ideal active wear gift for the couple that wants to get out their and hike or exercise in comfort and sustainability.

Zahn had this to say about Del Sol on the segment: We have some sunglasses and nail polish and it changes color when you go outside in the sun. When the sun hits it, it changes color.

He said he got some of these items for his nieces and, when they saw it happen, they lost their minds. Something fashionable, fun, flirty. The nail polish also changes colors, which is pretty cool. Great for the pre-teens as well.

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