Make Mother’s Day Memorable in Four Meaningful Ways

Moms Always Make Our Lives Brighter. Now it’s Your Turn to Brighten Hers.

Making her feel loved, appreciated and supported doesn’t have to clean out your bank account, but it might require some sincere thought and a little time and energy on your part. Not too much to ask for, as she’s arguably one of the top three most important people in your life.

Here are four meaningful ways that you can show her that you really care:

Tell Her

There are so many ways that you can tell your mom how much love her and how much she means to you.

A simple text message works, but a hand-written card is even better. Perhaps a phone call will touch her heart from across the miles, or even a hand-written letter with a real stamp mailed through the actual postal service.

If your mom’s got some tech-savvy in her veins, and you can’t get to her home for whatever reason, schedule some FaceTime on your phones or Zoom session to tell her verbally why you love her.

And, of course, the ultimate is to stand right in front of her and tell her, face-to-face, how much you love her. She just wants to hear it and would love to see it in your eyes, too.

Serve Her

When you take a moment to think about all the things that moms do on a daily basis, depending on the stage of their lives, you’ll come up with a lengthy list of ways that you can serve her, letting her relax and giving her a break.

She, like you, has a lot of mundane, sometimes unpleasant, tasks that she’d love your help with. Here are just a few to get your service muscles pumping:

Surprise Her

Your mom loves to smile and laugh. And, who doesn’t, really. Whenever you can make your mom burst into laughter or just smile, it goes a long way.

She loves when you bring something unique that brightens her day, especially if it’s something that she’s never seen, heard of or experienced before.

Here’s where Del Sol clothing and accessories come into play. Not only are they unique and memorable, but they’re also guaranteed to make her smile or even laugh. When she sees her jewelry, nail polish, or shirt design change from one color without sunlight to a completely different color with sunlight, she won’t be able to hold in her surprised smile.

Imagine painting her nails with color-changing nail polish – extra points for giving her service and a surprise under the sun.

Hug Her

And last, but not least, give your mom a great big squeeze, making sure that you’re both free from any sickness of course.

Try hugging her for at least 20 seconds. That’s when the really good endorphins kick in, and her brain, heart and soul will be filled with your genuine love for her.

A big hug from you is more powerful and meaningful than almost anything else you could do for your mother.

And, here’s a final parting tip, don’t let this Mother’s Day hug be the only one you give her all year. Get in the habit or, better still, promise her that you’ll be giving her hugs on a more regular basis.

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful mom’s out there!

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