Valentine’s Day Color-Changing Nail Art Tutorial

See Valentine hearts appear with sunlight in this heart-inspired nail art design. It features a beautiful gradient-style look with white and clear hearts that change to red outside with sunlight.

In this design, the nail artist uses Del Sol’s color-changing Peek-a-Boo nail polish, plus some of her favorite non color-changing polishes to create the gradient.

Remember to begin and finish your nails with a non-UV-blocking top and base coat, which are pretty standard. Both inside and outside designs will look more pleasing to your eyes and feel better on your nails.

It looks amazing outdoors with sunlight! Watching it change right on your fingers is always exciting to see.

This design fans the flame of love. And, absence of the sun will only make your heart grow fonder for it, especially once you see how beautiful your nails become with sunlight.

These nails match the mood of the season and many of your Valentine’s Day outfits. The color-changing polishes that can be used in this nail art tutorial are part of Del Sol’s current collection, which you can find here.

Spread the love and share this nail art tutorial with your friends and families. Color-changing nails can be yours with the slightest touch of sunlight, letting your nails shimmer and shine whenever you step into the sun’s brilliant spotlight.

Join Del Sol’s nail art fun wherever you call home with our color-changing Del Sol nail polish and share this nail art tutorial with your friends and families. Remember to subscribe.

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