Change Up Your Vision with Color-Changing Solize Sunglasses


Del Sol this week introduced its 16 new styles of color-changing sunglasses to online and retail locations worldwide, further expanding its popular line of Solize eyewear.

Based on Del Sol’s unique proprietary technology, Spectrachrome, each pair of sunglasses frames or lenses change color with sunlight (staying in color for as long as exposed to UV light) then returning to their original color without sunlight. Indoor frame colors vary between stylish shades of blue, red, gray, silver, brown, transparent, etc.

Everyone loves that Solize sunglasses are guaranteed for life against theft, loss and damage. You can break them, scratch them, or lose them, and Del Sol will send you a new replacement pair. These are the last sunglasses you’ll ever have to buy.

16 New Styles Featuring Modern, On-Trend Colors and Finishes – Guaranteed to impress and capture anyone who’s looking to change up their vision under the sun this year!

See all the new styles from this Solize launch here.


The styles within this new Solize line include one or all of the following features and benefits:

Spectra™ Lenses – All Sport Sunglasses within this new collection feature our premium Spectra Lenses, instantly giving them more value, providing higher-contrast viewing, and reducing eye strain.

Soft Touch Finish – All Sport Sunglasses now feature this new soft-touch finish, giving them a comfier fit and feel and matching current market trends for sporty sunglasses.

Top-Selling Colors – Based on customer demand and market trends of high-end sunglass brands, we’ve continued to expand our top-selling sunglasses to include more exciting color combinations.

Eco-Acetate Sunglasses – These eco-friendly, sustainable-minded sunglasses are top of the line and have higher perceived value. These sunglass frames are made from biodegradable cotton linters and wood pulp, which is a more sustainable material for the earth.

They also showcase the style diversity, first-class quality, and on-trend look of our entire Solize collection, further rounding out the variety of Sport, Fashion, and Lifestyle sunglasses in every price point.


Solize Price Points Remain as Follows: $59 Classic, $79 Pro, $99 Deluxe, and $119 Luxury. These prices are based on their upgraded features, stylization and benefits, along with their distinctive packaging for each price point. Custom price tags are attached to the sunglass arm to distinguish pricing.

Which new Solize sunglasses style is your favorite and why? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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