Del Sol Nail Polish Brings Back Vacation Memories under the Sun


Del Sol Color-Changing Nail Polish

Del Sol’s nail polish selection contains the brightest and most vivid hues from the earth’s color palette. When you paint your nails with our special Del Sol color-changing nail polish, you can watch the colors change before your eyes as you step out into the warm rays of the sun.

Del Sol nail polish is commonly referred to as “vacation nail polish” because it’s ideal for the sunny climates that are often a feature of popular vacation spots.

Our Sol Nation fans always get to take a piece of their vacation home with them in a colorful little Del Sol package.

Experience the Difference

Del Sol’s color-changing clothing and accessories include hundreds of different color assortments developed right here in Del Sol’s Spectrachrome® laboratories.

Del Sol chemists have tested more than 10,000 color-changing variations since 1994 and continue their efforts to develop and fine tune upcoming color-altering formulations.

Del Sol nail polish gives you the opportunity to experience two colors in a single bottle. The hidden second color only reveals itself when you expose it to the sunlight and then fades back to the original tone when you head back indoors.

Every bottle of polish works a little differently so that everyone can find something to suit their tastes. Some color transformations are dramatic and vibrant while others offer a more subtle and luminous shift.

The Science behind the Product

Our line of color-changing nail polish harnesses the power of the sun with Del Sol’s exclusive Spectrachrome® Technology.

Spectrachrome crystals, used in our nail polish, reveal their hidden colors as they’re exposed to sunlight, creating a true chemical reaction that’s organic and safe.

While the dyes in the nail polish appear to “change color,” it’s actually the energy shift of the crystals in the sunlight that makes them visible to the human eye. Ultimately, the molecules are twisting and expanding into larger molecules – kind of like a flower blooming in the sunlight.

Really want to have fun in the sun with your friends? Try using Del Sol color-changing nail polish in these fun nail art tutorials created by Del Sol nail artists.

What’s your favorite shade of Del Sol color-changing nail polish and why? Let us know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “Del Sol Nail Polish Brings Back Vacation Memories under the Sun

  1. What ever happened to the beautiful aqua/lilac color changing nail polish? It was my favorite one.
    Peace to you,

  2. We’ll hopefully have something similar this spring. Thanks for inquiring.

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