Five Tips for Nail Polish Beginners


Are you new to nails? Or, are you simply looking to make your manicure even better? Follow these five, easy steps by Del Sol to get the most magical manicure under the sun!


New to Del Sol’s color-changing nail polish? Check out Del Sol’s recently launched Winter Collection of color-changing polishes here.

“With our recently introduced top and base coats, Del Sol customers can make the most of these winter-polish manicures by painting their nails with all the essential ingredients that professionals use to get amazing results,” said Brady. “Their nails should get the longevity, color vibrancy, and shine that they deserve.”

Top Coat & Base Coat:

• Get top and base coats that are non-UV blocking to work with Del Sol color-changing polishes, giving customers the most vibrant color change.
• Top and base coats help polish stay on longer, dry faster and remove easier.
• Top and base coats do not change color in the sun.

The sticker on top of each bottle of Del Sol nail polish shows which color the polish will change to with sunlight. The sticker on the bottom of the bottle is in three languages – English, Spanish, and French.

Del Sol nail polish does not contain Formaldehyde, Toluene, or Dibutyl Phthalate (DBP). That all basically means it’s safe to use (but still not safe enough to drink). No animal testing either. Made in the USA.

Del Sol nail polish is available exclusively online and in Del Sol retail locations in 23 countries and growing. Nail polish retail pricing is $10.00.

What other tips do you recommend for nail painting beginners? Please feel free to share your best tips in the comments.

21 thoughts on “Five Tips for Nail Polish Beginners

  1. Some girls find it difficult to paint their nails by own. But I really think these five tips will help them. As I always follow fashion so after reading the tips I think Del Sol nail polish is recommended.

  2. will my nailpolish still change color if it is on top of a regular base coat or a white nailpolish?

  3. Yes, it should still change color. Always best to apply at least two to three coats. Also, if those other polishes are UV-blocking polishes, then the Del Sol polish may not change.

  4. Can you use a top coat after useing a color changing polish before

  5. As long as the top coat is not a UV-blocking top coat.

  6. Does anyone know if these have a use-by date? I found a bottle I purchased years ago (color: Starry Night) and it doesn’t change colors. Wondering if it is dysfunctional or just old??

  7. Thanks for asking about that, Christine. Yes, you’re correct, the polish is just old. Especially true for our nail polishes, if they’re not used on a fairly regular basis, the dyes and molecules begin to migrate and mix and die out. The color-change molecules begin to fade over a long period of time.

  8. Do you still sell the top and base coat polishes?

  9. Thanks for asking. We don’t sell them anymore.

  10. Since you don’t sell top coats anymore, do you know any brands that don’t block UV rays?

  11. Thanks for asking. There are quite a few options – OPI, Revlon, Essy, and Sally Hansen. All have good options for you.

  12. Can I use Sally Hanson Clear Miracle Gel top coat on your colie change polish?

  13. As long as it’s not a UV-blocking polish, then yes, you are good to go. Thanks!

  14. I just bought a bottle and painted my nails with just the color and nothing happens! Very disappointing

  15. Thanks for letting us know about that issue. It should not be happening. We stand behind all our products with a Wow Guarantee. We’d be happy to replace your nail polish for you. Please contact our Customer Service Team at and they’ll help you out.

  16. Will the nail polish still change colors even without a base coat or top coat?

  17. Depending on how many coats you apply, it lasts the same amount of time as any other standard nail polish – usually 2-3 days or longer.

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