Where to Have Fun in the Sun in Juneau, Alaska

Mendenhall Glacier

This round of popular places to have fun in the sun takes us to Alaska, the Last Frontier.

Specifically, we’ll take a closer look at the capital city of Juneau, which is also home to one of Del Sol’s flagship stores, which is right off the cruise ship docks on Franklin Street in Juneau. Phone: 907-586-2922

Before you visit Juneau for the first time or go back again for more, you may want to consider these recommended places to help you have even more fun in the sun while you’re there.

Top Places to Have Fun in the Sun in Juneau

Mendenhall Glacier

Multiple tour companies offer a guided “Glacier Express” bus that costs $10 each way. You can buy these on the docks of your ship. If purchased on the ship, you may purchase the same tour for $100 or more, and it may restrict you at certain times. This bus will bring you from downtown to the glacier visitor center.


There’s a $3 entry fee that’s completely worth it. You can catch the return bus at any time later in the day. At the glacier, take the easy, handicap accessible, flat hike out to a breathtaking waterfall close to the glacier.

You can also wander along the elevated walkway known as Steep Creek Trail. This trail meanders about 10 feet over a natural bear habitat where salmon run throughout the entire summer.

Mt. Roberts Tram

You can purchase an all-day pass for $33, or you can make the 90-minute hike from the cruise ship, about 60 minutes from the trailhead on Basin Road. The locals choose to hike.

If you spend $5 at the top, you can ride the tram down for free. The tram station is about 1,800 feet above sea level and offers amazing views of Downtown Juneau, Gastineau Channel, and the beautiful mountains across the channel on Douglas Island.

Mt. Roberts

At the top of the tram, you can eat at the restaurant, browse the gift shop, learn in the nature center, and watch a free 18-minute movie about the history of Juneau and the native Tlingit people. You can also meet Baltimore, a friendly photogenic bald eagle.

Multiple trails lead up from the tram to even more impressive views, but we suggest Father Brown’s Cross, a large cross on the hill similar to Rio de Janeiro’s Christ the Redeemer statue.

Of course, this list doesn’t have everything Juneau has to offer. But, if you’re at least able to do these fun-in-the-sun things, you won’t be disappointed.

What else would you add to the Juneau list? What’s your all-time favorite Juneau attraction?

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  1. this claims to have been updated in June of 2022
    Are you sure of these prices?

  2. Thanks for asking about this. These were the last prices that we were made aware of, although prices are subject to change at any time as of late due to inflation and tram fees this summer.

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