New Del Sol Color-Changing Rings for Summer!

This week Del Sol introduced its new color-changing rings to Del Sol stores worldwide. Del Sol fans can now get their color-change bling on with new Del Sol rings! Discovering hidden treasure is as easy as pulling your hands out of your pockets and into the sunlight!

8 New Custom Designs
• Heart – Clear to Red
• Sun – Clear to Yellow
• Star – Clear to Blue
• Daisy – Clear to Orange
• Plumeria – Clear to Magenta
• Butterfly – Clear to Blue
• Soccer Ball – Clear to Blue
• Pirate Skull & Bones – Clear to Orange

Ring colors and designs are fun for boys and girls.

“When you combine fun ring shapes with unbelievably vibrant color change, you’re guaranteed to get a smile out of anyone – young or old,” said Scott Brady, Del Sol AVP of Communications.”These rings are instant fun under the sun – perfect for gifts, simple rewards, and shocking surprises.”

Retail Price: $1
Available Colors: Blue, Orange, Yellow, Red, Magenta

del sol color changing 6-pack rings

6 Pack Ring Set with Six New Custom Designs

o Heart – Clear to Red
o Sun – Clear to Yellow
o Star – Clear to Blue
o Daisy – Clear to Orange
o Plumeria – Clear to Magenta
o Butterfly – Clear to Blue
• New color offering
Retail Price: $5
Available Colors: Blue, Orange, Yellow, Red, Magenta

“Often times, these rings are used as promotional rings in the Del Sol stores to generate excitement and to start the customer’s experience off with a WOW,” said Brian Ciccotelli, Del Sol Sales Training Manager. “Customers typically “earn” the rings in the stores by doing almost anything; e.g., saying ‘WOW!’ really loudly, giving other customers a color-changing demonstration, yelling ‘Del Sol ROCKS!’ so loudly that somebody on the street turns and looks at the store, or answering correctly to the question, ‘What’s your favorite store ever?’ (correct answer is Del Sol).”

Brady further comments that having customers earn a ring makes the customers participate in the Del Sol experience. The rings are one-size-fits-most. If it doesn’t fit, most customers know somebody small who would love receiving a color-changing gift!

7 thoughts on “New Del Sol Color-Changing Rings for Summer!

  1. Dear sir,

    I’ve got a question, do you still sell the rings from Del Sol?
    How much do we need to order?
    What’s the price?

    Kind regards,

    Corrie Oomen.

  2. Not sure if we still make that ring. We may be introducing a new iteration of the Sol Pearls in the near future, however. You can contact our Customer Service team for more details at

  3. I was in the Delsol shop at Hilton Head last week and bought some of your $1 rings for my grandkids. They LOVED them. I would love to order more but can’t find them online. Please HELP.

  4. Thanks for contacting us about those rings. They’re so much fun. Please contact our Customer Service team to find out if we can get those for you. Email them at

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