Del Sol Magic Show a Field Trip Favorite

This week the Del Sol Barefoot Landing, Myrtle Beach store hosted the 4 and 5-year-olds from their local primary school. The kids visited Del Sol, Cariloha, the Candy Store and the Carousel. The most exciting stores at Barefoot Landing. They are also provided a box lunch and get to feed the fish, a big highlight!

As they come in, store manager, Clay Spivey, gathers them around their large Sun Station for a color-changing “magic show”. The kids can barely see the glass, and Spivey tells them that he’s taken a piece of sunshine and put it in the box (Sun Station). “Reach to the glass and you can feel it,” he says. Then, he asks their names, they go round the circle, and he asks if they know what a crystal is. “Of course we do,” some of the kids answer. Usually one knows that crystals are kind of like diamonds, or they come from a cave.

Spivey has a collection of open geodes, with crystals of different colors, which he passes around and says, “Now for my magic crystal!” (A clear crystal painted with Del Sol’s color-changing Peek-a-Boo nail polish, which changes from clear to pink when exposed to the UV light or the Del Sol Sun Station.) The kids are amazed when they see the geode change color. The kids then react to their color-changing beach ball and soccer ball, exclaiming, “Wow! Ooooo! Wow!” They pass the balls back and forth across the top of the Sun Stations. Spivey then goes for an even bigger wow with a couple of shirts, Incredible Hulk and Minnie, showing the kids first how they look without sunlight and then, passing them over the Sun Station, they magically burst into color. More wows blurt out one after another.

myrtle beach barefoot landing kids magic show

The show ends with each child receiving a color-changing ring. Spivey spreads a circle of rings in front of them on the Sun Station letting them play and choose just one to take home.

The entire show takes about 5-10 minutes. “They have short attention spans,” Spivey says. “The key is having things for them to touch and pass around like the crystals, the balls, a couple of shirts, and finally a ring to take home – always a big hit.” Customers in the store love to watch the kids and it gets them involved with the color-changing Del Sol products.

Invariably, Spivey says, he will see some of the kids come back to the store on the weekends with their parents, and the teachers are good customers once they see the shirts and the nail polish, too.

All in a day’s work at the Amazing Del Sol Myrtle Beach Color-Changing Magic Show.

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