Refreshing Ways to Enjoy Coco Cay


Coco Cay, formerly known as Little Stirrup Cay, is Royal Caribbean’s private island in The Bahamas. The island is small and has no permanent inhabitants. On the other hand, the island is set up, start to finish, to be a playground for cruisers. That means plenty of beachside and aquatic activities, as well as plenty of food and sites.

Getting around Coco Cay

Travel on Coco Cay is by foot along pathways. They’re hard-packed and well-marked, so it’s hard to get lost. It should be pretty easy to find your way to any one of the four beaches, or six bars on the island.

The Food

There are two grilles on the island. That is grilles with an “e”. Bahama Jack’s and Blackbeard’s. Dining is buffet style and choices are BBQ, hot dogs, hamburgers, chips, salads, and similar fare. You can eat in if you like, but you would probably enjoy the atmosphere more if you found one of the many shaded picnic tables that are available to eat at. You’ll encounter a crowd if you dine late, so try to get to one of the grilles early.

The Bars

Try one of the Cay’s signature Coco Loco mixed drinks at anyone of the six bars on the island. Junkanoo Jack’s is at the landing area, and is one of the first things you’ll see on Coco Cay. Bahama Jack’s Bar—not grille—is at the crossroads between the beaches. The rest are right by the beachside. Wacky Seagull is in the middle of Snorkel Beach, and its younger peer Wacky Seagull Jr. is over by the east end of Wanderer’s Beach. Coconut Willies is near it. The Island Oasis offers drinks along with a view of the lighthouse and seawall on the north side of the island.

The Beaches

On Coco Cay you can swim nearly anywhere you’d like. It is an island after all. However, there are four designated beaches, as well as a designated swimming area. On the east side of the island Snorkel Beach, as the name might suggest, is home to snorkeling and the designated swimming area. A vest is required to go snorkeling, but not for swimming. Water Sport beach is next door also on the east end. Going to the south side reveals Wanderer’s Beach, and Barefoot Beach. The last of these is the best beach for walking along with nicely packed sand and the fewest people.

Coco Cay for Kids

Caylana’s Castle Cove Aqua Park is the largest water park in The Bahamas. With two giant floating sand castles it’s a childhood dream come to life. Adults can enjoy it too.

The SeaTrek water slide is the largest inflatable water slide in the world. It’s a three story drop, and kids may delight in it, or delight in watching their parents take the plunge.

On the educational side the Adventure Ocean Youth Program of offers lessons about the sea, it’s life, and the local culture. It takes place on the north side of the island near the lighthouse. Adults need not attend.

Finally, there is a Power Wheel’s track sponsored by Fischer Price. The little ones can take one of the toy cars out for a spin. This one is exclusive to children 3-8 years old. Although parents my wish to stand on the sidelines.

What You’ll Need

You will need your SeaPass card to pay for drinks, rent equipment, or enjoy excursions. You’ll also need to bring cash if you plan on picking up souvenirs. It’s required to get back on board the ship so bring it with you, keep it with you, and don’t lose it. A waterproof camera is a good idea to record your adventures. Towels are not provided so you’ll need to bring at least one with you.

Above all else though, remember to have fun.

Editor’s note: This article first appeared on Go Port Canaveral Official Travel Provider and has been republished here with permission by the Go Port Canaveral.

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