Allure Spotlights Del Sol Color-Changing Hair Clips


Allure Magazine’s Gabi Thorne included Del Sol hair clips in her article titled, “These Color-Changing Hair Clips Are Making TikTok So Nostalgic”. She points out that several Gen Zers remarked on how the clips made them long for simpler times. Allure is an American women’s magazine focused on beauty and receives more than 13 million unique monthly visitors.

These Color-Changing Hair Clips Are Making TikTok So Nostalgic

By Gabi Thorne

Who else remembers this iconic summer accessory?

Butterfly-shaped claw hair clips and brightly-colored bubble ties are a staple of many childhoods, for those of us born in the ’80s and later.

And since folks love nostalgia, the hair accessories from our primary school days have been reappearing on store shelves and on social media, as people have been incorporating them into the hairstyles they wear now.

Case in point: Del Sol’s Color-Changing Hair Clips, which are enjoying a viral revival on Tiktok, thanks to user Kyanne Highfill.

The Indiana-based hairstylist and makeup artist posted a short video of the clips, which are shaped like a jasmine flower. “Run to your local Walmart” is written in all caps to communicate the appropriate level of urgency one should have upon hearing such news.

Underneath sunlight, the Del Sol clips change from completely clear to either a fuchsia, purple, red, or yellow hue, due to the brand’s proprietary “Spectrachrome” technology.

According to the Del Sol website, when exposed to UV rays, the molecules rearrange themselves to become visible and produce the colors you see. In other words, they are not only super fun to wear, but also totally Instagrammable and Tik-Tokable.

In the video, Highfill tests out the color-changing effect at the display, which has a built-in UV lamp under which customers can place the clips. Once she places them in the light, the clear, floral accessories transform instantly into pretty fuchsia, purple, and red hues.

As a stylist, Highfill shares with Allure that she’s constantly looking for fun hair accessories to use in her work, so she was excited to find these hair clips. “They are great for summertime,” she tells Allure.

In the comments section, it appears a lot of young millennials and Gen Zers recognize these clips from their childhoods. Several viewers remarked on how the clips made them long for simpler times: “haha 2000s all over again!!,” one person wrote. “I used to wear these all the time when i was like 6,” said another.

The clips may indeed be a throwback, but they feel right at place in the 2020s.

And they’re also pretty inexpensive. For $12, you can get a four-pack of the fun De Sol Color-Changing Hair Clips from

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